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Woolacombe Roam

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Woolacombe; discoverable on the cusp of North Devon in the parish of Mortehoe, the English coastline draws a dramatic scene for exploration and British adventure. Its harsh winds and crashing waters became the central performers during our latest escapade.

 A seaside dwelling, the small town dotted with coffee houses and board stores is resident to parish locals, surf seekers and country explorers savouring a cosmopolitan escape in the rural landscape. We set out to roam it's 3 mile bay looking out to the Atlantic.

The day was a bad one, though the dominant overcast had no strength in stopping the surfers as the waves kept coming. I looked at the textures for inspiration, as I couldn’t count on good light, a typical circumstance often played by our British weather.

A grey canvas played out in front of us, the dim tones coming alive nonetheless as the lights of the skies and the depths of the seas crashed into each other through the dominant clouds. The unforgiving winds blasted from left and right, glad to have added an extra layer of jersey beneath my trusty weatherproof sheath, I zipped my jacket to my chin and denied the chill entry as I put up my hood and drew it in close.

Our robust scene lies at the mouth of a valley, we tackle terrain bashed by the waters but persist onwards to quieter nooks. The contrast speaks volumes. From stormy vigour to the shielded quiet, we find a spot where the turmoil of the air can’t reach. There’s barely a breeze and the leaves lie still, shedding coats and sweatshirts for our cotton t-shirts, we find our spot to capture Spring.

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